brush clearing goats


East County News Service
Courtesy: Heartland Fire & Rescue
May 10, 2020 (Lemon Grove) – A herd of voracious goats will soon be clearing heavy brush to reduce fire danger and create defensible space for homes in Lemon Grove along State Route 125. COVID19 standards for social distancing will be observed for live-stock managing staff—though the goats can flock together during their weed abatement duties.
The goats, owned by Environmental Land Management (ELC) have been hired by the city of Lemon Grove and Heartland Fire & Rescue to clear brush on 8.5 acres near Lawton Drive and Camino De Las Palmas.The City of Lemon Grove has used ELM goats to clear this parcel of land for the last eight years. 
Brush clearing by the goats, along with prudent weed abatement by homeowners reduces the risk of fire and assists in the protection of homes surrounding this vacant property. The homeowners’ are required to maintain 100 foot clear defensible space, around the residents. Property owners working jointly with the goats are reducing the risk of fire, protecting the community, property and lives.


Source: Heartland Fire and Rescue

May 29, 2015 (Lemon Grove)--The City of Lemon Grove, along with its fire department, Heartland Fire & Rescue, is taking steps to clear brush from 8 and a half acres near Lawton Drive and Camino De Las Palmas. Goats are being used as part of the process in clearing heavy brush to minimize fire danger and help create defensible space for homes in this area.

“This type of brush abatement is a tremendous help to firefighters in protecting land and nearby homes from fast moving brush fires during our summer months and the long fire season we live with in San Diego County” says Heartland Fire Chief Rick Sitta.

The company being used for this project in Lemon Grove is Environmental Land Management (ELM), the same company that was used in El Cajon to create the defensible space in 2011 that assisted in the protection of several homes from a brush fire.