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The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump, by Andrew G. McCabe (St. Martin’s Press, New York, NY, 2019, 274 pages).

Book Review by Dennis Moore

March 18, 2019 (San Diego) - Andrew G. McCabe, former Deputy Director of the FBI, has written an incisive and titillating story of America at the crossroads of history, an America that seems to be under siege by the President himself. To put this book in historical perspective, McCabe states: “The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s official mission is ‘to protect the American people and support the Constitution of the United States.”’

To read this book, it does not seem as if the mission statement of the FBI is being allowed. The author lays that at the feet of the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

On March 16, 2018, just twenty-six hours before his retirement from the organization he had served with distinction for more than two decades, Andrew G. McCabe was fired from his position as deputy director of the FBI. President Trump celebrated on Twitter: “Andrew McCabe FIRED, a great day for the hard working men and women of the FBI – A great day for Democracy.”

The Threat recounts in compelling detail the time between Donald Trump’s November 2016 election and McCabe’s firing, set against a page-turning narrative spanning two decades when the FBI’s mission shifted to a new goal: preventing terrorist attacks on Americans. But as McCabe shows, right now the greatest threat to the United States comes from within, as President Trump and his administration ignore the law, attack democratic institutions, degrade human rights, and undermine the U.S. Constitution that protects every citizen.

Important, revealing, and powerfully argued, The Threat tells the true story of what the FBI is, how it works, and why it will endure as an institution of integrity that protects America.

McCabe gives valuable insight in his book on the current state of affairs in America, as well as the workings of the FBI, as he states in The Threat: “I spent the afternoon and evening with my senior staff trying to assess and control the damage that might be done by the texts between Strzok and Page, and trying to figure out where to reassign Strzok, who had been working for Mueller’s special-counsel investigation, but who for obvious reasons we had to remove from the team. I was angry about the poor judgment that Strzok and Page had shown, and I was saddened to consider the disparagement they would now be subjected to. Strzok was a gifted investigator. Page was a gifted lawyer. I respected and trusted them both.”

A particularly revealing and poignant passage in this well written book by McCabe comes in a face to face meeting between him and President Trump, when McCabe was being interviewed in the President’s office in consideration for the replacement of FBI Director James Comey. This was after Trump had fired Comey.

McCabe states: “The president began to talk about how upset he was that Jim Comey had flown home on his government plane from Los Angeles. He wanted to know how that happened. At this, the president flew off the handle. That’s not right! I don’t approve of that! That’s wrong! He reiterated his point five or seven times.”

In this same meeting with the President, McCabe talks of an exchange between him and the president about his wife. The author states: “Finally, toward the very end of the conversation, he said, How is your wife? I said, She’s fine. He said, When she lost her election, that must have been tough to lose. I replied, I guess it’s tough to tough to lose anything. But she’s rededicated herself to her career and her job and taking care of kids in the emergency room. That’s what she does. He said, Yeah, and there was a tone in his voice that sounded like a sneer. He said, That must’ve been really tough. To lose. To be a loser.”

There is talk and discussion in this book about the invoking of the 25th Amendment for removing President Trump, and Rod Rosenstein offering to wear a “wire” in a clandestine way to record the President. All this sounds like a spy and espionage novel!

Perhaps most revealing and significant about this book is the fact that after FBI Director James Comey was fired by President Trump, McCabe indicates that he opened a criminal and counterintelligence investigation into if Trump had obstructed justice and if Trump had been acting as an asset for the Russian government. Judge for yourself and listen to McCabe’s interview on the radio show “Free Air” by clicking here.

Dennis Moore has been the Associate Editor of the East County Magazine in San Diego and he is the book review editor of SDWriteway, an online newsletter for writers in San Diego that has partnered with the East County Magazine. He is also the author of a book about Chicago politics. Mr. Moore can be contacted at or you can follow him on Twitter at: @DennisMoore8.

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McCabe Knows His Trump

This review from Dennis Moore compels to me to purchase this latest published indictment of the Benedict Arnold occupying the Oval Office. To be removed from a vital organization by a political dilettante intent on crippling our nation would spur any true patriot to sound the alarm and alert us to the behind-the-scene facts of what we're all witnessing with disbelief and wondering why this is allowed to fester. McCabe's book answers those questions and Moore's review highlights those passages that illuminate the claims. I have long been a fan of Dennis Moore's reviews and look forward to his take on my upcoming comedy offering, "This Day in Comedy: The Ethnic Encyclopedia of Laughter". It will be the first comedy encyclopedia ever when it's released in the Fall by TrineDay Publications.

Hey, Dennis!

You neglected to mention NO COLLUSION, NO INDICTMENTS.....Insinuating our President is a National Threat makes you sound just as deluded as last week when you were all certain he was in cahoots with the Russians. At what point do you admit to yourselves that you would rather see our country fail, than see our sitting President succeed? You should all be ashamed, you're blinded by hate.

Trump will turn himself in on Thursday in Georgia!

Skipping the Republican debate on Wednesday, former President Donald Trump will turn himself in the very next day to Georgia, officials, effectively being under arrest. He had earlier been subjected to a $200,000.00 bond as a condition of staying out of jail.

Whistleblower Complaint against President Trump

To buttress and add perspective to McCabe's book, a whistleblower has made the attached complaint against President Trump, indicating that the President was attempting to sway or influence the upcoming election possibly involving former Vice President Joe Biden. See complaint here.

McCabe is a liar

and this "whistleblower" hoax is nothing more than another scam in a long list of failed DNC attempts to depose a duly elected President. I won't bother to get into the issues the Bidens face, too easy. I'll offer this, Intel Community Secretly Gutted Requirement Of First-Hand Whistleblower Knowledge I would ask that your read it and give me your honest opinion. I believe it is impossible to read that objectively, digest it, and not realize that this is another set up.

Mueller Report indicates Trump told Don McGhan to Obstruct

You really do need to read the Mueller Report in its entirety, particularly the part about Trump telling the White House Counsel to lie. Also, you need to know that per Justice Department policy they can not indict a sitting President, thereby leaving it up to Congress. In regard to the "No Collusion, as Mueller specifically explained it in his report, collusion is not in the lexicon of Justice Department terms, but conspiracy is.

Most troubling and under reported:

The report and testimony before Congress by intelligence officials has  made clear that Russia clearly tried to interfere with the election including hacking into some election systems, hacking emails, etc.  Congress allocated funds to beef up security before the next election but the Trump administration has not spent that money.  Why?

The answer appears obvious:  Trump benefitted from Russia's interference, whether or not he personally conspired.  We should all be gravely concerned about a president who doesn't care if a foreign power is hacking our election systems,which goes to the core of our democratic processes.  Even if he was innocent of conspiring, he should clearly spend the money Congress allocated to do everything possible to prevent foreign interference in our elections.  This is what eveyone should be demanding, whether you voted for Trump or not.



Fiona Hill Impeachment Transcript

The recent and attached transcript of Fiona Hill testifying before the House Intelligence Committee seems to give the most explicit indication of an abuse of power. See here.

Selective outrage....

If you're so concerned about Russian interference in the previous election, maybe you should direct your outrage at the individuals and the administration that was responsible for preventing it at that time? Rhetorical question, the answer is that it doesn't suit your narrative. I have no doubt that if the election results had swung the other way (your way) there would be no complaining by you and the rest of your party, you'd have been just fine with the results. Hillary Clinton could have paved her road to the White House in the blood of Americans and the Left would still have rallied around her, true statement. You know something else, Miriam? Call me old fashioned, but I believe we should not be able to tell anything about the political, ideological, or cultural preferences of any journalist not working in opinion. As the Editor of this "Magazine" you consistently show your political bias and it is blatant. You proudly claim to represent all of East County with non-partisan and unbiased reporting which couldn't be further from the truth. I am a conservative, along with the majority in the unincorporated areas of El Cajon, where is our representation in your Politics section? Another rhetorical question, as it doesn't exist. Be better.

“Oath Bteaking Insurrectionist”

Although the Supreme Court ruled in a 9-0 unanimous decision that former President Donald Trump could stay on the ballot, the women on the panel referred to him as an "Oath Breaking Resurrectionist."

Obama is no longer in office.

His administration should have done more to prevent Russian interference.  But going forward, the current Trump administration is responsible for overseeing the next election. It's not partisan to say that things should improve.  For your information I've won national awards for writing about election integrity isssues in the past, and found plenty to criticize with presidents and other elected officials in multilpe parties. 

If you really live in El Cajon, you would know that we were the strongest media voice investigating the misdeeds of Councilman Kalasho, who was a Democrat when elected. Our obligation is to the truth, not to any party or politician.

We've interviewed many conservative politicians including Mayor Wells, several times, as well las other Councilmembers, our Supervisor, Assembly and State Senate members over the years, many of them multiple times. 

And yes we have reviewed conservative books including one authored by Trump in the past. 


Convientaint logic...

So then, using your logic, the DNC’s efforts to solicit information provided by foreign agents (Christopher Steel) should no longer matter either since it happened in the past and their candidate didn’t win the election? I don’t put much stock into awards either, ever since they awarded Obama the Nobel Peace Prize. Although, I never stated you were a poor journalist, just not an unbiased or nonpartisan one, that much is clearly evident. You pick and choose things to publish that suit your personal and party agenda, period. I can’t give you any credit for eating one of your own (Kalasho) either, you ran a piece praising the up-and-comer back in 2013. That’s like taking the credit for putting a drunk driver in jail, when you handed him the keys in the first place. If your obligation is to the truth, then start publishing it. Start with admitting you were wrong about our President for the past 2 and a half years and publish some retractions to the numerous comments you’ve made pushing the false narrative that he was guilty of collusion. Then, you can followup by apologizing to the conservatives who frequent this site with a commitment to do better in the future. That’d be a great place to start.

Stop twisting truth.

We have never editorialized about any candidate. There was no "praising" of Kalasho.  In the 2013 race we ran articles on all candidates and even hosted a debate with all who showed up.  Our coverage was as nonpartisan and unbiased as you could get.  You're entitled to your views but not making things up.

Similarly we did not editorialize on Trump and there are no retractions needed.  We published news reports based on facts available at the time.  The Mueller report did result in many guilty pleas and convictions of Trump's inner circle.  While Mueller could not prove collusion, we still do not know definitively if it occurred or not since Trump himself and some others refused to do interviews with the special prosecutor.  We did report on the special prosecutor's findings. What's most important going forward is preventing future Russian hacking.


The tangled web is visible, one only has to look.

Miriam, you're not being honest with yourself, or my fellow Conservatives. All anyone has to do to prove my point is to look in your Politics section and count how many pro Campa-Najjar editorials you ran compared to the negative publicity you gave to Duncan Hunter. You were clearly on a mission to get him elected over Hunter, the evidence is overwhelming. That is one example, of which there are many. Additionally there is a glaring problem with your statement of "We published news reports based on facts available at the time" and that is that those facts were not actually facts, but rather opinions and speculations, yet you chose to promote them as facts. Now that its been proven that they were made up and false, you should publicly acknowledge it. Any guilty pleas or convictions that resulted from the Mueller report had nothing to do with Trump. He's not guilty, be thankful of that, accept it and move on. Stop promoting Fake News, it is divisive and not good for our country.

Hunter is indicted on criminal charges!

Of course that's going to be reported on, and our coverage was no different than other major media outlets not only locally but nationally.  His attack ads on Campa-Najjar were rated five Pinnochios by the Washington Post for containing provably lies.  We would be remiss if we did not report such things.

I defy you to find a major credible news outlet locally that had more positive stories on Hunter than Campa-Najjar. When one candidate is tainted by scandals of his own making, as was the case with Hunter and with Kalasho, it is media's job to report it.  The same can be said in primary races where both are the same party but one has a  mountain of controversies or scandals.  It is not our job to whitewash anyone nor to promote anyone. Perhaps you should direct your dissastisfication to the candidates whose own actions caused whatever negative publicity they received. 

You've yet to site a single "opinion" reported as fact. We have never done that.  At times we may quote someone giving their opinion in interviews with our media outlet or other media outlets, but that is always identified as that person's opinion, not fact.


Let's start here,

right here,where you publicly stated "There is abundant evidence of collusion" and "To say there is no collusion means you haven't bothered to read the mountains of evidence that are now in the public domain" as if those were both facts, not just your own opinions. You were 100% wrong on both counts. Mic drop.

Correction needed

Manafort was convicted on 8 counts in 3 areas, filing false income tax returns, failing to file reports for foreign bank accounts, and bank fraud, none of which included conspiracy. Please check your facts.

And another thing,

how about a glowing book review of a pro-conservative book for once?

I've read it....

Nothing there that surprised me. I think Trump had every right to be upset about an investigation that was politically motivated right from the outset. He could have legally ended that investigation at any point, but he chose to let it run its course, which was genius because it has proved what we all knew all along, that it was complete BS. What you're not getting is that obstruction, like conspiracy, requires an act of furtherance. Just because something was discussed isn't sufficient cause for action, if in fact it was really even discussed. Speaking of conspiracy, I'd love to hear your opinion on the DNC, Fusion GPS, The Steel Dossier and the FISA abuse committed by the prior administration? The real investigation is coming, and it won't be pretty. Your Party has no platform, aside from "Resist" and "Impeach" and I predict Trump will win his second term in a landslide victory brought on not only by the growth and prosperity our country is experiencing, but by the utter lack of character on display by the Left and the MSM. Enjoy your day, sir.

Reasons why Andrew McCabe considers Trump a threat

Darryl, I look forward to reading your book "This Day in Comedy", but meanwhile this issue with McCabe considering our President a threat to our nation is uppermost on my mind. The attached radio interview of McCabe says it all here.

The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror

Dennis, thanks for your review and comments on this book. I have read a few reviews on this book and have seen Mr. McCabe's interviews on a few television shows. He seems believable and factual as it relates to his work experience with the President. It seems as though everyone who has voluntarily left the Whitehouse or who was forced out share the same sentiments as Andrew McCabe about the arrogance, bullying mentally, and ignoring of the law from this President and his administration. With regard to your quote "President Trump and his administration ignore the law, attack democratic institutions, degrade human rights, and undermine the U.S. Constitution that protects every citizen....." The citizenry of this country can find countless cases to prove this quote correct, all they have to do is a little research. Lets not bury our heads in the sand and pretend that they don't exist. Great review as always.

The Threat

I am very interested in reading this book by Andrew McCabe. I am interested in hearing various sides of the story, and it sounds revealing. There are many things that we may not be aware of, or ever find the truth about. I see what Trump reveals about himself, and he does a pretty good job of showing who he is, I will not comment on what I think of him, it is not relevant. I will say that his true intentions will be exposed one day, and I have a feeling it will be uglier than what we see. Author, actress, radio personality

Americas hate news!

This President has been under fire by everyone and everything since he was elected. It is an all out attempt to discredit and remove him. Are you sleeping or dreaming? This article review by Dennis Moore does nothing to reveal the truths that already exist; but do fan the flames of ill informed discontent. "President Trump and his administration ignore the law, attack democratic institutions, degrade human rights, and undermine the U.S. Constitution that protects every citizen."? I have been following this administration right along and I can't relate to that quote of his. I do evaluate "what" this President has accomplished to date and I also believe he is a Commander in Chief that does love this country and believe in our Constitution, Bill of Rights and rule of law., So where exactly Mr. Moore, does "his administration ignore the law, attack democratic institutions, degrade human rights and undermine the U.S. Constitution"? There is no doubt that the FBI was in the swamp and McCabe was in the FBI. Figure that one out! God bless President Trump & America!

Jared & Ivanka

New book by Vicky Ward, as seen on the Internet this morning - KUSHNER INC. should be very revealing...

Great book review Dennis - as always

I haven't read THE THREAT yet, but I'm positive it will be quite revealing for those of us who have an open, and analytical mind while searching for the truth. The excerpts from the book Mr. Moore includes here are revealing in the fact that Donald Trump's actions are the same way in public. Rude, abrasive, bullying, arrogant... I believe the book is factual. One can always tell who the Trump loyalists are. Seems no matter what he says or does, they approve. Sad.

The Threat

I've read the book,maybe JD should too. McCabes record in the FBI is impressive, working on the Boston Marathon bombing, a plot to bomb NY subways, and the Bengazi attack and the Clintons. Carole, it's $14.99 on Kindle.

Andrew McCabe

I actually just saw Andrew McCabe on Bill Maher's show. I believe him. As with some of my training, I observe body language, more than analyze words. This is a book I definitely want to read. This review sparked my interest all over again. Since I am currently in Ecuador, I'm hoping the book is available on the Kindle. I love your reviews, Mr. Moore.

Pure Fiction

Andrew McCabe is a proven liar, lacks character and is an embarrassment to this country. His legacy will be nothing more than stain on a once great institution. Anything written by this man should rightfully be filed in the fiction section as, nothing he says can be deemed credible. Justice is coming for Mr. McCabe and friends, just wait until the next special council takes place, just in time for 2020. Love to see you post a review of something besides an anti-Trump hit piece for a change, Dennis. I wont hold my breath waiting.