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March 8, 2012 (San Diego’s East County) – Despite recent cold weather, rattlesnakes are active—and a bite proved deadly this week on a local trail, the Blossom Valley network reports.

“A couple of days ago, some riders in the Flinn Springs area did encounter a snake and one of the horses was bit, Carlynne Allbee posted. “He was treated by a vet, then they got a trailer and took the horse home. The horse died during the night. The vet said the horse was bit just above the hoof on a front leg and apparently the snake hit a spot that put the venom immediately into the blood system.”

If you’re hiking, jogging or riding in the backcountry, it’s wise to take precautions. Take a companion, carry a cell phone (ideally with GPS tracking) and be watchful for snakes while enjoying our sunny winter weather.


Not the only horse bit

My horse was bitten by a large Red that did not rattle prior to biting him on his front fetlock(ankle) area about a month ago, out on trail, when the weather was relatively still cool. Due to proximity to home, quick Vet response, and 3 days of around the clock intensive icing and treatment, he survived and I am riding him again-with Sports medicine boots on all legs now for protection. Condolences to the Rider on the loss of her horse. This is also a good reminder to LEASH your dogs on trail, as one was off leash and bitten in Jamul.