my nest egg



I am 59 years old and contemplating retirement, with dread. I just cannot imagine myself not going into work each day or being able to afford not working. What would I do with the time? I am alone at home and sometimes even on the weekends I get lonesome. My nest egg is comfortable but not luxurious. I wonder if it will last out my life, though. Guess I could live with my kids if necessary. Eeww! I often wake up at night thinking about my future and then cannot get back to sleep. Signed “Worried”

By Sharon Ann Hamilton

August 10, 2014 (San Diego's East County) - Dear Worried, You are right to be worried! And you are not alone. July 13, 2014 research by US Census Bureau, Saperston, and Bankrate shows us that 80% of people, even as young as 30, do not believe theywill have enough money for retirement. In fact 35% rely completely on Social Security. 76% of people polled cite worries about money as a leading cause of stress. As we all have heard, stress can kill you.