Nate Wilkins


By Miriam Raftery

January 30, 2020 (San Diego’s East County) – Darrell Issa and Carl DeMaioi, the two highest-polling Republicans in the 10-man race to replace Congressman Duncan Hunter have released campaign ads that bring the term mud-slinging to a new low.

Former Rep. Issa’s new commercial features old newspaper headlines that describe DeMaio as “gay.”  The video also slams and distorts DeMaio’s immigration stance, showing photos of hardcore MS-13 gang members and suggesting DeMaio would support amnesty for such individuals. DeMaio has stated that he supports a path for well-educated immigrants who came to the U.S. as children.

DeMaio meanwhile has released a video on YouTube of his own portraying Issa as a “snake oil salesman.” DeMaio’s campaign ad accuses Issa of betraying President Trump by claiming support for a border wall while voting against it. He also slams DeMaio for supporting an investigation of the President, but fails to mention Issa sought to investigate President Barack Obama.