San Diego equine ordinance



By Janis Mork

September 13, 2013 (San Diego)- At Wednesday’s meeting, Supervisors approved the tiered equine ordinance 4-0 with Supervisor Greg Cox absent. Amendments by Supervisor Jacob allow riding lessons in Tier 1 as well as in Tiers 2 and 3. Lighting specifications were also added to Tier 1.

Supervisors Dianne Jacob and Bill Horn proposed the ordinance over two years ago. 

“One of the reasons we did this is we heard from constituents that our equine ordinance was out of date, preventing the equine industry from thriving in our community,” Vice Chair Jacob said, adding  that the new tiered ordinance will “streamline the process and reduce costs to consumers” for stabling horses yet still protect surrounding property owners and preserve the “culture of our backcountry.”

Supervisor Horn said he believed it’s “important to do this,” noting, “There aren’t as many horses anymore… They’re a big part of the community.”