Sheila Kuehl


Ex-Senator Kuehl Leads New Effort to Win Healthcare for All Californians


By Miriam Raftery


September 27, 2009 (San Diego) –Speaking to the San Diego League of Women Voters last week, former state Senator Sheila Kuehl shared some startling facts:

  • California law used to require insurance companies to be nonprofits.  Since that law changed, premiums have skyrocketed much faster than costs of medical care.
  • Iinsurers are routinely refusing to pay doctors for services—forcing doctors to spend $78 million a year suing insurance companies, according to the American Medical Association.
  • Insurers are canceling policies when people get sick, claiming applications were filled out wrong. Many are refusing to sell policies (or canceling existing ones) due to pre-existing conditions—even toe fungus or use of asthma inhalers years ago.


Kuehl authored two bills passed by the California Legislature which would have provided healthcare for all Californians—including dental, eyecare and medical coverage. But both were “terminated” with vetoes by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Now a statewide coalition has launched a campaign to win public support for a new single-payer healthcare bill in California.  View the video.