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September 10, 2012 (Spring Valley) -- Jennifer stepped into the parking lot at night, and what happened next got her to join a martial arts class right away. Tonya had a close encounter with a man who was "losing it," and that got her to come find out what to do from Master Conway. Why would they come to him? Because his student Debbie saved her neighbor from a violent criminal. Because his student Myrna stopped the man who attacked her walking home from work in two moves. Because Conway has a long history of making sure what he teaches really works. It will work for you.


Nothing but the truth!
September 20, 2011--Since the election of Ronald Reagan, the percentage of wealth in the hands of the rich has increased, until today, 10% of the population controls 90% of the money.  That would not be so bad in itself, but the rich now want the other 10%, which is what 90% of the people live on.

With wealth comes power, as the Corporate Media not only controls newspapers, magazines, and television, but is now buying up the Internet.