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Photo Credit: Heather Buttrum, courtesy FlicKer

May 4, 2014 (San Diego’s East County) – Dear EarthTalk: What would you consider to be the key areas we need to improve to make our food safer for our health and easier on our environment?

 -- Billy A., Oakland, CA

Although we have come a long way in recent years with regard to the safety and sustainability of our food supply, we still have a long way to go. Toxic pesticides are still used on the vast majority of U.S. grown crops, while other hormone-disrupting chemicals are omnipresent in our food packaging. And excessive use of antibiotics in animal agriculture threatens to render many human drugs ineffective. Environmental leaders would like to see the federal government step up and institute regulations banning such substances in our food supply, but for now it’s still up to individual consumers to make the right choices.


By Greg Dunne
March 27, 2012 (San Diego’s East County)--  You might ask what a Pelican is doing inland at any of these East County Lakes: Lake Murray, Lake Jennings, Santee Lakes and Lindo Lake.  Most people associate Pelicans with the sea coast, as do I.  When I see Pelicans at La Jolla Cove it seems perfectly natural and there are always plenty of them to be seen.  Of the two species of Pelicans in our area, The Brown Pelican and the American White Pelican, it’s the American White Pelican that is frequently seen at and around our lakes in the East County.