City Attorney Mike Aguirre Takes Action on Wildfire, Water & Energy Issues

City Attorney Mike Aguirre

In an exclusive issue with East County Magazine, San Diego City Attorney
Mike Aguirre discusses lawsuits and other actions to protect our region from
wildfires, assure a reliable water supply, and compel San Diego Gas & Electric
Company (SDG&E) to meet legal requirements for renewable energy production. 

Q:  What compelled you to file a  lawsuit against
SDG&E over
the recent wildfires that devastated East County and San Diego? 

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Sylvia's Soapbox - Duncan the great white Hunter

Wildebeest hunt bags a Congressman
By Sylvia Hampton

Sylvia's Soapbox

Our congressman Duncan Hunter (R-52nd district) is leaving his congressional
seat to his son. Sort of an inheritance or royalty passed on to the next generation
like in England. Since Duncan D. Hunter, the son, has the same name his election
should be like shooting fish in a barrel. But before Hunter senior leaves that
throne he hoped to squeeze in a great overseas exotic hunting trip paid for
by the taxpayers. To do that the trip needs to be official government business.
Like feeding the starving! That should do it! Oh, darn. Looks like that won’t
work out, thanks to those big blabber mouths at the Embassy in Chad. As they
say in the comic books, “Foiled again!”